About Konnectshun

Currently, I am the Founder and Deputy Editor of Mommynoire.com, a highly-trafficked digital publishing property (under the Moguldom Media Group umbrella) that strategically targets the African American mom consumer. My over-arching responsibilities include – transforming creative ideas into cohesive editorial content for a variety of platforms —web, mobile apps, video, and social channels. Daily, I write buzz-worthy native advertorials for consumer brands, create publishing schedules for 20+ posts per day for my staff, manage the workflow of 100+ freelancers/social media influencers, analyze digital traffic, oversee sweepstakes and contests, interview high profile targets and celebrities, attend national press junkets, and work in a hybrid fashion between sales, marketing, films and editorial.

Stats: increased Mommynoire’s traffic since its launch in August 2012 to 5M monthly Pageviews + 500K Direct Visitors. I also serve as Mommynoire’s social media manager with Facebook at 59K followers.

I am an experienced brand marketing professional who has developed and executed influencer marketing programs exclusively for consumer brands such as McDonald’s McCafeGrind Free Year Worth Of Coffee (2014) and Our Food Your Questions campaigns (2014-2015). My previous brand related work includes serving as a Field Marketing Manager for Converse Dr. J All-Stars, Mountain Dew and Sprint PCS.

My portfolio includes custom advertorial and affilated content for Walmart, McDonalds, Sears/Kmart, Amazon, Food Network, Motions Hair Care, Creme of Nature, L’Occitane, Suave Spa, Dove/Degree, Neutrogena, Beano, Cross Pens, Chevy Suburban 2015 + many more

Warner Brothers/ Los Angeles: The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug
Warner Brothers/ San Francisco: The Lego Movie
Warner Brothers/ Los Angeles: Blended
Warner Brothers/New York: Jersey Boys
Warner Brothers/ Clearwater Beach, Florida: Dolphin Tales II
Fox Studios/New York: hosted screening: How To Train Your Dragon 2




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