Curves Official: I Came. I Saw. I Did It


AD# Thank you Curves International for sponsoring this post!

Ready to get #CurvesStrong? I came. I saw. I conquered. My partnership with @CurvesOfficial has been nothing short of inspiring. To think a new mom on a mission could complete a month of 30-minute circuits is amazing. Did I cheat a few days? Yes! I’m being as transparent as possible. Did I struggle to get back on track? – Kind of. However, what I gained during my membership was a whole lot of wisdom in the world of health and a stronger sense of self – which equals success. My experience at the Jonesboro, GA Curves location (which is not too far from my house) taught me (as I have mentioned  before) that your health is important – and your commitment to getting fit should be your top priority. We aren’t getting any younger people. You are no good to your family if your mind and body are out of sync. So let’s rewind a bit. A month ago, my friends at Curves provided me with an opportunity to get my snap back on. I recently had a baby and was desperately trying to lose the weight without crash dieting.

My first day meeting the owner at Curves in Jonesboro was memorable. There she was, this stoic, fit, mature woman who gave me insight on how I should approach the Curves 30-minute Circuit Training program. Wave hello to Janet! During our consultation, she checked my BMI (a tad bit over), my weight – eek, and my height – regular.  She taught me how to check my heart rate properly so I would not go too hard and pass out. Janet also gave me some insight into her own fitness journey, which stemmed from the loss of her mother. Her moms death, due to health complications made her focus more on eating right and working out.

Honestly, I’m an older mom of two. I can’t play around with my weight. It’s a challenge in and out of itself to see food that I really want to munch on (cupcakes and chocolate) without worrying about the affects of my decision. So, I find that taking small steps towards my fitness goals with the help of Curves has been instrumental. At the end, I’ve shed roughly 6 lbs. and have switched up my eating habits significantly. Again, I must say I feel proud of myself. (Psst…Curves Fitness members on average lose 5 lbs. over a 20‐week period. I received promotional consideration.) 

In conclusion, I now realize that I don’t have 2 hours to commit to the gym daily, but 2 times a week for 30 minutes is practical for me. Next month, I am setting out for larger goals. I may try for 3X a week. I know I can do it. In fact, I will. Thanks #CurvesStronger for the partnership. Our collaboration was more than an assignment. In fact, it was a chance for me to walk in the right direction when it comes to my health. My confidence is growing, while my tummy is shrinking! #AD

This post was sponsored by Curves International but the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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