My Snap Back: Curves Gym Celebrates 25 Years In the Game


Thank you Curves International for sponsoring this post. Ready to get #CurvesStrong!

Wow! this time last year I was on child #2. 😍 I was in Beverly Hills, California promoting #TheStorks movie📽 for Warner Brothers. Good times. Boy, time is flying. A few weeks after that pic, I welcomed a beautiful little one named #Midknight Hue. Yes, I was still grinding and flying🛩✈👠👜👓Most people couldn’t tell I was pregnant🤰. For one, I wanted to wait until my delivery just to make sure he was healthy- very common in my Jamaican culture. However, carrying a healthy child was important because my first son was a preemie – born at 2lbs and 15 oz. So, for Middi, I focused so much on my health – my food and water intake, exercise, etc. With such focus, I only gained 15lbs my entire pregnancy. Honestly, I did have a horrible case of morning sickness at the end. I couldn’t keep anything down. After delivery, I dropped all the weight. My snapback was real. Fast forward a year later – living in the south. All the grits, meats, brunches, beverages 🍹🍸🥂(sweet tea too) threw my snapback off track. I became more sluggish, more moody, and just overall less of myself. I blamed thyroids, fibroids, being a mom, etc. on the extra weight. But a lot of it was my eating habits and not exercising. So more now than ever, especially being 41, I made a commitment to up my vitamin intake and work out at least 2x a week. I know I can do that. I used to. If I can eat out that much.I can work it off.
To jump-start my program – my friends at #Curves reached out and gave me a month-long pass to get right at the Curves #Jonesboro location in Georgia at  9434 South Main Street, Suite 1400! 😘 Thanks to my #XOMAD crew. 😚😚I’m only at the beginning of the program but I’m determined. I’ve worked out for the last 2 days doing their 30-minute circuits, which is ideal for me because I am always on the go🤼‍♀️🤸‍♀️. Pray for me.🙇‍♀️ I’m excited to follow through with the offer. To my friends who want to take slow steps to get their curves right – sign up at your local #Curves BTW. Today #Curves turns 25! 🍰🍭 And they are having a host of special workouts and local in-club parties🎂🍾. Non-members can join today for .25 cents👈. So I’m gonna slide through to my gym before I grab the kids👨‍👦. Yes, I’m promoting #Curves because they are jumpstarting my journey. ✌🤗😚 #ad

This post was sponsored by Curves International but the content and opinion expressed here are all my own.


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