Supa Muva: Neffi Walker Talks Mama-hood

A mother’s job is never done – especially when raising bright, ambitious super kids.
Moms, I’m sure you agree – looking into the eyes and souls of our children is nothing short of amazing. We make sacrifices daily to increase their quality of life and overall well-being. In fact, we invest so much into our kid’s dreams that we pray for a positive return as they enter into young adulthood.

In celebration of wonder kids with big ideas, who are raised by supermoms like you and me, Madamenoire and African Pride Dream Kids present their first ever ‘Be the Boss’ editorial series, which highlights super moms and their passionate journey of raising vivid leaders.

Meet Neffi Walker – entrepreneur and mother to 4 beautiful children. During her ‘Be the Boss’ interview, she discusses her wise 5-year-old daughter Nile and the importance of her name.

Konnect: In school or just socially, did your daughter Nile exhibit any behavioral challenges that made you realize that her defiance may be more tied to her independent nature?

Neffi Walker: My daughter can be fire – some call it bossy – she gets it from me- but she speaks her mind in a very respectful way. If she doesn’t want to do something someone is trying to get her to do and she feels uncomfortable – she will not hesitate to let you know. I encourage that behavior because we need more women who understand their power and are not silenced in this world.

Konnect: What is an amazing trait that Nile holds?

Neffi Walker: My daughter Nile surprises me with her brilliance all day, but recently she has been obsessed with the status of our government’s political climate. She seemed to be devastated when Bernie Sanders no longer appeared to be the presumptive Democratic nominee and said she will vote for Hillary because Trump is not an option. She’s only 5 years old.

Konnect: We see your daughter Nile all over social media. How did you come up with such a strong name?

Neffi Walker: Nile’s father always had this idea way before us meeting that he would name his child, male or female Nile, after the Nile River. His explanation was that this river sustained life for the people who surrounded it, as well as transported Kings and Queens. The funny part is that my name is Nefertidi- who is also called Queen of the Nile – the name was fate and fitting.
Konnect: Where do you see Nile in the future?

Neffi Walker: I feel in my soul, with the combination of my creativity, dance and boldness and her father’s intelligence and love for music that she is destined to do something creative. She has been singing tunes since 1 years-old and is always dancing around. I don’t know what she will choose to be – but whatever she does I know it will be fierce!

Konnect: What makes Nile a super-kid in your eyes?

Neffi Walker: I noticed she was different by her word comprehension from a young age. In the nursery, she read at a 3rd-grade level. She also has an ability to understand how people feel and approach them with compassion – that is a gift at such an early age.

Powered by: African Pride Dream Kids
Credit: Madamenoire / Author: Konnect 


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