8 Must-Have Products For New Mamas And Their Babies

The holidays are almost here and what better way to sprinkle love around than with cute and quaint baby items and mommy products that will last throughout the years? From infant chairs and food makers to body pillows and baby monitors, I have selected the best items this year for mommy and baby! Take a peek at this season’s must-haves! See you at the checkout line!

Hugaboo Infant Chair

How relaxing!

For mommies and babies who are always moving, Hugaboo is the perfect way to keep your little one in on the action while still close by. Kick off your 2017 with this lightweight, portable floor seat that can easily be moved from the living room to baby’s room. Give baby the freedom to soak in her surroundings, develop sensory and motor skills, and spend quality time with the family – all while ensuring the highest level of safety.

Carefully crafted for infants 3 to 11 months, see why Hugaboo makes it easier for mommies to keep their energetic baby supported!


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