Get Focused: Zenni Optical Puts The Fab In Eye Wear Online Shopping

Who in the group can afford to spend $600 on a pair of chic prescription glasses right now? Especially, in today’s economy? I don’t see any hands.

Last week, I connected with Hernan Vicuna from Zenni Optical, a leading e-commerce prescription eye wear site that believes women and men (+kids) should be able to purchase trendy specs without the 400% + mark-up. Finally!!! At first I was a little bit skeptical, because I’ve spent so much money on name brand glasses, that anything under a million dollars seems cheap. Truly, I’ve been brainwashed into thinking – the more money you spend, the better the product. Wrong. My friends at Zenni Optical have taught me otherwise. In one place, at my fingertips, I can cruise fab specs, try them on, and get them customized – without burning a hole in my wallet. Who doesn’t want to save money and time?

Honestly, my conversation with Zenni Optical came right on time, because I just broke my only pair of  $500 Chloe glasses. And you know what, I refuse to invest like that again for frames that can break. The only way I am purchasing glasses now is if I can purchase budget-friendly pairs, so I can have multiple options – one for home, work, and maybe a few chic pairs for evenings with my crew. Zenni makes that possible.

So, if you are in the market for eye wear this year, or are planning to get specs for your hubby or kids, sharpen your focus and take a look at what Zenni Optical has to offer.


Can you give our readers an overview of Zenni Optical and why they differ from traditional eye wear companies.

 Hernan Vicuna from Zenni:

I used to be a Prada, Ray Ban guy. For me, I love to accessorize. I can’t afford to have 6 pairs of $500 glasses. When I came here to Zenni, I started realizing that every time I told my friends – “yeah guys. there is a site where you can get custom prescription glasses for $6.95, they were like – yeah that’s cool, but I can get Ray Ban’s for cheaper.”  Really, for how much? – “$200.” I’m not saying $695, I’m saying $6.95 cents. The crazy thing is – those big brands they actually license their names to regular manufacturers.  So when you are getting Armanis and Pradas, those are regular manufacturers that have purchased the license. You aren’t getting some Georgio Armani per se, – they are not making it.


So basically, Zenni is cutting out all of the red tape?

 Hernan Vicuna from Zenni:

10 years ago, a husband and wife team, the CEO and COO, basically said there has to be a way to bring the cost of prescription glasses down. So they started investigating and realized that there were a lot of hidden costs in glasses. When you shop for glasses at a retail store, you are probably paying for rent, for employees, health insurance and employee insurance. You are paying for all of that stuff. The difference with Zenni is that we are a manufacturer to the consumer. As we get better, we bring the price of glasses down. Here at Zenni, for every pair of glasses that you buy, we are passing the savings down to you. We’ve cut everything out – so essentially, this is what the cost of glasses should actually be. There is no 400% mark up, which is typical retail mark up.


For the consumer who wants a great pair of glasses, can Zenni guarantee its good quality?

 Hernan Vicuna from Zenni:

Here’s the difference, a lot brands will pay (X) amount of money for a certain type of material. In other words, the glasses are so marked up already, that you often get the lower quality material. At Zenni, we are trying to put the best quality material, and obviously the quality changes and shifts. For instance, the $6.95 glasses will be a little bit thinner than the $35.00 glasses. But the difference is – we are putting out the best quality material, proportionate to that cost. Think about it this way – Optometrists buy glasses from us and guess what happens, they mark them up their own way.


How easy is it to shop at Zenni?

 Hernan Vicuna from Zenni: 

Easy breezy. There is a 1978 Ophthalmic Practices rule that says that your Optometrist has to give you your prescription. You have the power of your prescription in your hands at any time. We often get people who say that their Optometrist didn’t give them their prescription. By law, you have to have it. The thing that Optometrists often hold back is your PD, which is your pupillary distance and that’s something that is very important, because different people have different size faces. That makes a big difference in how you get your prescription. For your readers, knowing your PD range is very important. Most people will have 30 millimeters on one side and 30 millimeters on the other side – or better yet, 60 to 62 millimeters between both eyes. That’s the average PD.

On the site, we also have a PD ruler, which allows you to check your PD and verify it, just in case your Optometrist did not give you that information.

Let’s assume you do have all of that. So, you come through the site and look through all of the specials or you look at what’s trending. For price conscious readers, you can start with the $6.95 glasses. Maybe you want to shop around with no hassle. You will notice the frame fit on the right side. You can upload a picture of your face and drop the glasses on them.


 Let’s talk about some of the styles that Zenni has to offer.

 Hernan Vicuna from Zenni: 

Let’s say you are feeling colorful. We have the Eye Candy selection. If you are a classic guy, you have the Wayfarer styles. If you want to represent you environmental side, we have Faux Wood glasses. Again, we have all of these styles in the Shop By Trend section. Now let’s assume you are a female and you don’t want to see any male glasses – you can choose by gender. You can also sort by price range. You can choose glasses that are made for a certain pupillary distance. You can even sort by color.

Imagine, with all these cool benefits and fab styles offered by Zenni, you can have more than one pair of glasses. For work – you can go classic! For a night out on the town – you can venture into the Vintage Look!

Take a peek at a few of my favorite Zenni Optical looks for women and men after the flip!


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