Bad Mama Beyonce: Black Friday Fashion 2014

Wanna talk about a celebrity who has created her own style sensibility off stage more than anyone? Well, let’s talk about Beyonce. When you see her, often she is pushing her baby carrier with some type of hippie/ around the way girl mash-up that is kind of hard to put a finger on. Truly, Beyonce has no real definitive look besides her hair.

With that doll baby Blue Ivy in tow, one day Beyonce is  wearing cut off shorts and combat boots – the next day she is on Instagram sporting a matching skirt set.  Her style, in general, has no rhyme or reason – yet it works.  She is constantly surprising us with her no-fuss street style. She dresses like a typical round’ the way chick with no frills. She relates to her fans in that way as well. One can emulate her outfit per day with out feeling like they need to take out a loan from the bank – and that’s why it works. I like to call Beyonce style the inadvertent mommy mode!

As we scout our latest looks for the holidays, get inspired by Beyonce’s signature pieces! Shopping carts ready to go:

Copy and selected products provided by stylist: Weyni Elder

Bad Mama Beyonce: Black Friday Fashion 2014


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