Press Coverage: Fall In Love With Blended, Starring Terry Crews and Drew Barrymore

A little bit of laughter and tears behind some popcorn never hurt anyone. That’s exactly what happened to me after attending the press junket for Blended at the Loews Hollywood in Los Angeles, the day after Mother’s Day – pure laughter and tears. Surrounded by some of best mommy bloggers out – I got up close and personal with stars Drew Barrymore, Adam Sandler, Terry Crews and the ultimate bestie – Wendi McClendon-Covey (think Bridesmaids) to discuss why Blended is the #1 family movie of the summer.

At the press junket, there was a lot of energy in the Blended bloggers suite. While waiting for the cast to arrive, we had the opportunity to get our hair braided – vacation style (pssst…I had the opportunity to get my face pampered with Drew Barrymore’s make up line Flower.)  We also got fab gift bags filled with jeans, kids, books, nail polish, and make-up!

The Interview

Once the stars settled down, we got right to business. Take a gander at my favorite parts of Drew, Adam and Wendi’s interview:

– When asked how the Blended project came about:

Ms. Drew Barrymore:  I mean, why not? I always joke that I call Adam, well when we first met I called him, because I knew that we were supposed to partner up.  I just knew it in my heart.  And I stalked him until he accepted.

– When asked how becoming parents changed what films they did, or what projects they take on?

Mr. Adam Sandler:  –Oh, you know, since I had my kids, I have done some movies that are a little heavier.  And I come home shook up.  I did a rated-R comedy since I’ve had kids.

And I definitely felt guilty every morning at breakfast.  I just had a hard time knowing what was coming in the future.  And them seeing that movie, and then saying you said never to do that, well, my character, you know.

Both my kids have seen this movie about five times each, and they love it.  And there are a couple of things in there that go over their head, and they’re not sure what anyone’s talking about, especially with the masturbating.  I think.  I hope.

But it felt great about making this movie.  It’s about respect for parenting and being a good parent, and a respect for putting your kids first, and being true.  It’s hard.

Look, I love my wife. And in the movie, my character was married, and his wife passed away, and it’s about moving on.  And that’s a hard thing to talk about.

In real life, when I’m with my wife, I tell her that’s it.  It’s me and you, and god forbid anything ever happen to either one of us, I tell her, you should move on.  Move on with somebody else, and have a good time.

But, I tell her, that’s it.  I’m done.  So, when I watch the movie, I feel a little, like, ah, that’s the only thing that hurts is that my guy does move on, but it makes sense in the movie.  He’s got a family.

He’s got three daughters that need someone in their life other than him.  And Drew just makes them feel special in a way that I can’t make them feel.  And that’s it, that’s what I like about the movie.

RECOMMENDATIONS: 4 out of 5 stars

Blended is truly a family friendly film that pulls at the hearts of adults seeking a happy ending. While most of us have gone through the pain of lost loves, after watching this movie, you’ll realize that there may be a hint of hope in the dating sphere. Although the story line is pretty predictable – bad first date equals hot romance and commitment at the end, you still can’t help but get drawn into the vivid roller coaster of a plot.  Set primarily in probably the most vivid resort in Africa, this film makes your traditional summer vacation seem like a snoozer.

***Super bonus: Funnyman Terry Crews brings a bundle of energy to Blended as well. His infectious performance carries the film and lifts it to another dimension.

Truly, I encourage this film for blended, Brady bunch type families. It shows how differences can be resolved and how dysfunctional families can be functional.

Check out my highlights from my conversation with Wendi McLendon-Covey, who plays Jen, Drew Barrymore’s best friend: 

Konnectshun:  What was it like to play a supportive best friend who was dating a weirdo?  Because Adam Sandler at that time, we thought he was kind of weird.  What was it like to play a supportive best friend?

Wendi McLendon-Covey:  Oh, I loved doing that.  I love being the snarky best friend who always has something weird to say.  We’ve all been put in a position where you have to sit and make conversation with someone’s idiot boyfriend, or awkward date. And you’re just, like, oh, let’s put an end to this right now.  There’s no reason for this to continue.  That was funny to me, because I was taking my cue from my friend, and she had already said she didn’t like him. So, what’s he doing at her house?  My protection instinct kicks in.  Like, get him out of here.  Get him out here, why is he in here? She already said he was horrible.  So, where am I going with this?  Well, we’ve all felt like that. I thought you guys weren’t going to do this again.  Why are you calling, or why are you Facebooking?  Leave the lawn. You haven’t technically done anything to deserve a restraining order, but I’m giving you a verbal restraining order as the friend, you know?  But, it was fun, it was fun to play.


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