#TBT – Torrei Hart Talks Divorcing Comedian Kevin Hart and Flying Solo


“All great changes are preceded by chaos…”

For Mother’s Day, mom and funny woman Torrei Hart, the beautiful and talented ex-wife of Hollywood’s ‘go to’ comedian Kevin Hart, received a stunning diamond ‘heart-shaped’ necklace from her ex-hubby, which symbolized his respect for her as a mother and friend. Kudos to the duo for being mature parents. Traditionally, divorced couples can’t even stand to share the same air.

Pause + Rewind.

The former lovers weren’t always on great terms, especially after the ups and downs that came with a marriage plagued by fame and infidelity.

On Getting Together

Torrei and Kevin met at their local community college, back in Philly. Though Kevin “wasn’t her type,” his funny side was a big attraction. Because of his petite image, her family and friends were both surprised by their relationship – after all he was short, and she was drawn to tall, athletic types. But love is blind. In fact, the relationship took off quickly. Shortly after connecting, the duo dropped out of school and moved in together, against her parents wishes.

“The funny thing is – Kevin was not even my type. I loved him for him. He brightened me up. We were inseparable. I watched him go from making $5 an hour in a shoe shop to becoming a millionaire. I was there when Kevin performed for the first time. We always got together. “

To any woman who has been down this road before, Torrei paints a picture of a traditional and true ride or die. The person who was there before it all. The person who carried the weight of their partner trying to come up – only to be let down and replaced by some little industry groupie who arrived just in time to reap the benefits. Sadly, after 8 and 1/2 years of marriage, Torrei and Kevin threw up their deuces. Though Kevin only wanted a separation, Torrei went full steam with a divorce. She wasn’t going to let anyone have their cake and eat it too.

In 2011, their marriage officially ended, with Kevin moving on – quickly. The rock behind the star was devastated – but only for a little while.

“I was hurt and upset that he moved on so fast. He flaunted it in my face. I did not want to move-on. So during the pain, I sought God and my community. I was a prayer warrior.”

When I asked if she envisions a reconciliation:

“Never say never. I know it would not work right now.”

On his current girlfriend, would you want to be in her shoes?

“No. I like the fact that I work for everything that I have.”

She admits both are to blame for the ending. She wanted to be more than some 1940’s housewife baking bread and spreading butter. She was talented as well. After all, she wanted to be in the entertainment world from the age of 6 years old. But instead she played the background to a man that became super-successful.

“I felt trapped. He was traveling the world, and I was home with the children. I knew how talented I was.”

Divorce is hard, now factor in 2 beautiful children, who share the same humorous traits of their parents.

“I am blessed to have my children Heaven, 7, and Hendrix 4. They are amazing little children. They have so much personality.”

On the affects of separation:

“The separation hurt my daughter. My son was too young to really know what was going on. When my daughter would go to her father’s house, she would sleep with a picture of me and Kevin. They knew I was sad. They would say – mommy we’ll make it okay.”

Although Kevin and Torrei’s marriage is over, Torrei is having the time of her life. With a hectic production schedule, Ms. Hart doesn’t have the energy to focus on her ex. She has plenty of friends to share her successes with. If you follow her Instagram and Twitter, you can see her love and admiration for her partner-in-crime Simone Shepard. The dynamic duo are behind the production company, Pretty Funny Fish.

Torrei notes that she never thought much about the world of comedy as a profession. Growing up, she was often told that she was funny, but she just wanted to be an actress. She was interested in drama.

 “God spoke to me at a very early age about my talents. I was there when Kevin performed for the first time. We always got together and because of the scene, I knew how to set, write and perform. I also knew how to do stand up.”

On her radar:

Sketch TV shows and to become a mogul in the comedy world and in the dramatic world. I also want to launch a non-profit called S.O.A.R, which will help women overcome adversity.

Credit: Madamenoire


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